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Now, You've Done It! is a  short murder mystery visual novel that addresses the issue of "judging a book by its cover".

You are invited to the fabulous manor of John B.P. Rockefeller, a successful man in the business of oil, for a super fancy dinner party.  You meet Rockefeller's varied and unique friends and acquaintances. You'd like to say you were having a good time, but unfortunately, there has been a murder. Now you, the just declared "deputy", must aid the detective in finding out who the culprit is! Discover the other characters hidden depths and make judgments accordingly.

This was the first VN we created, and for a school project, so feedback is welcome


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A note from the creators (spoilers? I guess): 

This is late, but something we probably should have mentioned earlier. 

There is no set murderer in the game, as the murderer is supposed to be ambiguous. The reason why we chose to do that was because we wanted the player to focus more on interacting with the other characters and learning who they truly were, which was the idea we created our game around. When someone asked our writer about who they believed the murderer to be, they responded with "I honestly haven't thought about that.". 

The player is free to imagine the killer to be whoever they like.